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Lead Apostle, DGAN Apostolic Network & DGFC in Durban, SA

Apostle Deborah is the founding member and Lead Apostle of Deo Gloria Family Church (DGFC), Durban, South Africa, which was birthed in September 1997. Deborah has been in the ministry since 1991 & pioneered the first LGBT affirming Christian Group in the city of Durban, which continued meeting for 7 years before the church started.

It is her vision & passion to see the Kingdom of God established on earth as it is in heaven; with a manifestation of the supernatural power of God’s glory being released & operational through Holy Spirit & the Five-Fold ministry, & imparted into the greater Body of Christ, so that the Body of Christ attains the whole measure of the fullness of Christ on the earth according to scripture (Ephesians 4:11-13).

It is her desire to see people living in the fullness of who they are created to be & called to be in Christ. It is her heart to see the global Church united as one, each being used in their own uniqueness to bring about the Kingdom of God on the earth, without the exclusion of anyone.

Apostle Deborah has ploughed into many lives over the years. This is seen in the many spiritual sons and daughters she has in different Houses of God. Her influence can be seen in the many leaders, churches and Fivefold she has coached & mentored over the years.

Since starting the DGAN Apostolic Network, she has planted churches and has a wide base of churches & ministries globally, which are affiliated with DGAN (Deo Gloria Global Apostolic Network), which was started in 2010 and officially established in 2012.

Her experience includes leadership coaching, and church management. Her studies include: a Bachelor of Theology degree (BTh), from the University of South Africa (UNISA), and a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Rosebank (Rose of Sharon) Bible College in Durban.

Deborah is an international speaker with 28 years’ experience of leading ministries.


Lead Prophet, DGAN Apostolic Network & DGFC in Durban, SA

Prophet Marietjie is a qualified Human Resources specialist and uses these skills to advance the Kingdom of God upon the earth. Her passion is developing people to reach their full potential in Christ and to stir the hearts of people to follow the heart of God in reaching their destinies.

She assists in designing and presenting teaching series with a unique interactive teaching style.

She is a Prophet to the Nations, and is the Lead Prophet for DGFC & DGAN Network.


Apostle, The Remnant Ministries, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA – Part of the Covenant Network of Churches

Apostle Pam Wright is an ordained minister with the Covenant Network, and is co-founder of The Remnant Church Knoxville with her wife, Pastor June Wright, since 2004.

It is her desire to see the gift of Holy Spirit fulfilled in the lives of His people, and for the people of God to know their purpose of connecting others to Jesus Christ.

She specialises in invading the LGBT community with the love of God, through prayer and teaching as well as sports events, allowing everyone to know, no matter where you go or what you do, it is all for His Glory. Apostle Pam studied the Bible and Psychology at Lee College (Church of God), until being asked to leave due to her sexual orientation.

Apostle Pam knows that although the church may reject you, Jesus will continue to love you, and will use you to bind up other rejected and broken hearts! She believes our call is not lessened by those who have rejected us, but rather, that it is greatly increased. (Romans 8:38-39 – Nothing can separate us from the love of God.)


Apostle, House of Prayer & Worship, Soweto, SA

Nokuthula Dhladhla is the founding Apostle of House of Prayer and Worship Church in Soweto, South Africa which was officially opened on her birthday 22 November 2014. She was ordained in November 1998. She was a Pastor of Hope and Unity for 12 years before she resigned in 2010.

Apostle Nokuthula’s calling is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God in an affirming way that includes all people, regardless who they are; and to heal the division in the body of Christ and promote the love of God.

Apostle Nokuthula loves to sing and pray. Seeing people growing in knowing God and their spiritual gifts and calling humbles her. She saw many miracles in her life that God has done for her. Her passion is to heal others, through her testimonies and the healing she has experienced in her life. It is her mission to bring healing to the people of God. Apostle Nokuthula has also been involved in dialogues and runs workshops with other pastors who have issues in understanding issues of sexuality gender and God.

She has a diploma in theology from Rhema Bible School and she is currently doing her Bachelor of Theology from South African Theological Seminary (SATS).


Regional Apostle, Adonai Fellowship Bloemfontein, SA

Apostle Rochelle is the Regional Apostle at Adonai Fellowship. She is a teacher by profession and currently works at a special needs school. She has been involved in and has led, various Christian school associations and youth groups. She has a great love for sport and music and plays various musical instruments. She has also recently completed her Master’s degree in Psychology of Education at the University of the Free State.

Apostle Rochelle has always known that there is a call on her life to go into ministry and after a long road travelled, God led her to start an affirming support group in Bloemfontein in 2011. It is from this group that Adonai Fellowship was founded in 2012 by her, Pastor Liezl and their team, with oversight from Apostle Deborah Bell.

She is a visionary leader with a heart for bridge building and inclusion in God’s family. It is her passion to see all God’s people living in the power and authority of who they are as Kingdom citizens.


Bob Jones Ministries, Texas, USA

After hearing what seemed to be an audible voice from God 30 years ago, Prophet Bob was born again and filled with the Spirit, and has been involved in Spirit filled non-denominational churches ever since.

He graduated from the Full Gospel Fellowship School of Ministry in Stafford, Texas, and has helped to establish multiple churches throughout the state.

Bob has encountered numerous manifestations of the Spirit including angels, fire, glory clouds, gold dust, oil, and supernatural winds.

When Prophet Bob ministers, people receive physical healing, words of encouragement, prophetic words, impartation of anointing and the release of spiritual gifts.

His heart’s desire is to see people encounter grace and receive all that God has for them.


One of the sessions will be a Fivefold Q & A, with the following ministers on the panel:

DGAN Network of Churches
DGFC, Durban, SA

House of Prayer & Worship, Soweto,  SA

Die Anker Gemeente, Potchefstroom, SA

The Remnant Church, Knoxville, TN, USA

Beth Haran, Boksburg, Jhb, SA

Adonai Fellowship, Bloemfontein, SA

DGFC, Durban, SA