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Download our Media Pack (ZIP file) for laptops & PC:

Share our official posters with your friends on social media, on the web or via email.

Here is what is included in this year’s media pack:

Official Poster: For Sharing across social media (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or for printing [MOBILE – CLICK TO OPEN]

Facebook Cover (Personal): For your personal profile [MOBILE – CLICK TO OPEN]

Facebook Cover (Pages):  For your organisation or church’s Facebook page! [MOBILE – CLICK TO OPEN]

Facebook Profile Picture: You can even switch to our full SOZO 2018 logo (or see the “Overlay” Picture option below!) [MOBILE – CLICK TO OPEN]

Mobile Devices – Open and Save Your Media Pack Items:

Full Poster:

Facebook Cover (Personal):

Facebook Cover (Pages):

Facebook Full Profile Pic:

How to add ‘SOZO 2018’ to your existing Facebook Profile Picture:

Get SOZO 2018 added to your Facebook profile photo! Show your support & spread the word about #sozo2018

Click on the image to the right, or go to
Then, follow the steps:

  1. Click “Login to Add Twibbon”
  2. Choose to “Login with Facebook”
  3. Now you can click “Add to Facebook” and it will show your profile with the new SOZO 2018 overlay.
  4. Now click “Add the Twibbon to Facebook” to apply!
  5. Once your photo has been added to Facebook, click “Set as as default photo” and it will open in Facebook, where you must now select “Options” and “Make Profile Picture”.

Share our Promo Video Introducing this Year’s Speakers: